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Writers Enjoy!!!

Posted by Mark Shaw on June 21, 2008

Welcome to the new hemingwaywantabes weblog! I hope his gifts as a wordsmith inspire you to write as well, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.

On this blog, you will find Hemingway resources including a biography and a list of his books. But perhaps more important, I hope all aspiring authors and poets will discover practical, helpful information designed to assist with publishing dreams. On the “About” page, you will find out a bit about me, the blessed author of nearly twenty books, including five on the writing and publishing process. Nothing makes me have more joy that assisting aspiring authors and poets, and I trust you will let me help you with any questions you may have.

The blog also lists terrific resources to consider reading, and best of all, you may, if you choose, download or print out my book, “How To Become A Published Author: A to Z,” free of charge as my gift to you. Just click on the Author’s Note, then Step One, Step Two and so forth. There is also information about publishing industry forms, and tips on how to deal with literary agency and publisher contracts based on my experience as an entertainment attorney. And, you will find some great tips on locating the right literary agent for your particular book.

Other features includes links to some important sites, including Publishers Lunch, a great resource tool. So take a look around the blog and hopefully there is some good information that will assist you with writing your book and getting it published. This includes some great writing tips within the main book.

You will also get a kick out of the Hemingway Quote page, and one of my favorites is when he talks about a book being such a “loyal friend.” There’s no question about that, – books are great companions, – and i urge you to write a book so that you may become part of that friendship. One important thing I tell people at writing and publishing seminars is how proud they will feel when they hold their published book in their hands and shout to the world, “I am published.” Hopefully, through my daily comments, and your questions, I may help you reach that goal.


4 Responses to “Writers Enjoy!!!”

  1. deanjbaker said

    Very good to see

  2. Mark Shaw said

    Please tell your writer friends about the site. And if you have any questions about the writing and publishing process, please pass them along. Remember, “You are what you write,” and what you write will last a lifetime.

  3. ilovemint said

    I’m glad I came across this site, you have a wonderful ton of stuff for ‘oh-when-will-I-be-published’ people like me.

    I wrote my first story when I was around seven (it was called The Cup and the Saucer) and then over the years I attempted numerous novels, short stories and plays, gradually abandoning them one by one so…ahem, The Cup and the Saucer remains my only complete work to date.

    But writing is a passion that has never quite deserted me; I mean – producing all those words and then getting them down in black and white seems an intimidating task; yet at the same time immensely fulfilling – the sight of the book you wrote sitting on your bookshelf with your name stamped across it in big letters is something worth striving for.

    However, as ideas seems to be hammering at my door again, I’m starting afresh, and your guide will prove very useful, I’m sure. So I just wanted to thank you for those bucketfuls of useful and detailed advice. :]


    PS. Hemingway is one of my favourite authors too. ;]

  4. Mark Shaw said

    Regarding the book “Cup and Saucer,” I will pleased to help you if I can. Please tell me a bit more about what you wish to say, what your theme is, whether you feel that the story has a good beginning, middle, and end, etc. You may do so by email to me at mshawin@yahoo.com.

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